Trilateral-IT has been supplying expert personel to Cybersecurity private companies since 2008.

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Next generation of security experts

We acknowledge and understand that cyber security threats and risks are on the rise, and in order to combat this, we need to keep our fingers on the pulse of the next generation of security experts. Threats to Information Security, Data Security and Network Security mean that cyber-attacks can take many forms and focus on various systems. Ransomware has been on the rise, and we specialise in resourcing the experts needed to combat this and keeping your company and employees safe.

Our clients

Trilateral-IT recruits for companies ranging from private cyber security vendors to specialist IT consultancies and to a number of end clients. The number and sophistication of cyber-attacks is ever-growing and with legislation around the subject becoming more prolific and high profile, our clients have needed Trilateral-IT to recruit several contract and permanent candidates in our our main regions (Europe and The Americas). We are specifically effective because our candidate base has been built from years of networking in the field, and whether you need a permanent employee or a Tiger Team pulled together on short notice from around the world to solve your security issues, Trilateral-IT can help.

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Successful Mandates

Lead Software Security Engineer, Chief Security Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Director of Security, Chief Information Officer, Head of Digital Transformation, Head of Strategy, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Global Head of Cybersecurity, Head of Enterprise Risk & Compliance, Head of Information Security, Cybersecurity Analyst, Head of Security Practice, Cyber Solutions Architect, Senior Manager Security Strategy.

Giving back to support our local youth

The recruitment of Cybersecurity experts is facing massive hurdles, with an expected 1.8m deficit in skilled experts by 2022, which is why we are supporting the government of Gibraltar, strategic schools, and local cybersecurity firms to train the next generation of security experts, starting with our youth. We are proud to be helping to equip these youths with the skills required to be future leaders in the fields of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, cybersecurity and theft prevention.

Cybersecurity, Block Chain and Hacking Events

We are proud to attend Gibraltar’s GibCyber yearly conference with delegates from Google, the FBI, Minister of Gibraltar, Interpol, and private cyber security firms.

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