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I’ve worked with Trilateral since June 2018 on a contract in Denmark for 9 months. I’d previously worked on a similar project for a different consultancy. Having contracted since 2010 with various agencies, I honestly can say this has been the best experience so far.

Firstly, they were very pro-active with contract negotiations which resulted in me getting a much better arrangement than last time. Furthermore, they have been very efficient in sorting out any issues and have kept in regular contact throughout the project. I would definitely recommend working with Trilateral in the future.

Si Swaine, Consultant KYC Specialist

Trilateral have played an instrumental role connecting me with the right position at the right time. Trilateral provides clear and timely communications, translate my wishes to the client and are ready and willing to help every step of the way. Their commitment does not end when the contract is signed, afterwards they are still ever ready to help out when necessary, both personally and professionally.

It has been my absolute pleasure work with Trilateral.

Richard, Cyber Security SME

Working with Trilateral IT was a pleasure. The role matched my skills and experience precisely. They were happy to provide advice with relocation to the new country. During the contract, they were easy to contact and answered queries quickly.

Geoff Cheasty, CDD Specialist

Been an absolute pleasure working with Trilateral. They successfully placed me on a contact in Luxembourg which I thoroughly enjoyed. Trilateral was very helpful with addressing any queries regardless of time and day. Always quick to find solutions and they supported me in any issues from payroll to accommodation. They were fantastic to work with and I look forward to doing so in the future.

Arvind Sangar, KYC Senior Analyst (Financial Crime)

I have known Phil from Trilateral for 18 months now and from day one when he approached me about a contract, he has been approachable, reliable, trustworthy, consistent and easy to deal with. He delivers on his promises and wants to ensure any questions and issues are resolved. I look forward to continuing to work with Trilateral, during this contract and I hope others to come in the future.

Mike Watson, Business Change Analyst

I just wanted to say thank you Trilateral for finding me the perfect AML role in Luxembourg! We connected while I was based in London. I appreciated Trilateral taking the time to understand my needs and desire to work in Europe, they presented numerous options tailored to my experience and were an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Professional, quick to resolve issues, empathetic and a great people’s persons who I notice manage relationships and expectations extremely well even in pressured situations.

If you are looking to build a team at short notice locally or across different jurisdictions, then call Trilateral! They are very good at what they do! Thanks for everything. Look forward to working with you again in the future!

Bal, Business Analyst/Senior AML Project Consultant - Global Markets

I have known Phil Russell from Trilateral when he negotiated a contract for my placement in Denmark (April 2018). I found Phil’s level of professionalism and his patience in the recruitment process to be lauded. The close rapport he appears to hold with these large banking firms makes him an extremely valuable ally in the pursuit of finding the correct match to a job opportunity.

But possibly Phil’s biggest commendation is that, when those inevitable niggles along the contracting road appear, he is pro-active in resolving any issues to the satisfaction of all concerned. I would certainly be able to highly recommend Trilateral to others in pursuit of a rewarding employment.

James Sheldon, CDD Expert

In a difficult market over the last couple of years, in London Trilateral IT, have managed to find me quite a few roles which matched my experience. Especially in Europe!

After a few interviews for different roles, I was placed in Luxembourg, which was a great experience! After this they found me another role for Bratislava.

Trilateral goes the extra mile to find roles and helps making a move abroad easy! I look forward to working with them again in London, Europe or wherever opportunities arise!

Gareth Ledlie, AML/KYC SME

If you are contracting or looking for work anywhere in the world, you want to be represented by Trilateral. First of all, Trilateral make a point of maintaining awareness of all major projects globally. In addition, they maintain relationships with the key decision makers on those projects. The implication for consultants is that they can efficiently and effectively canvas a wide geographic area on your behalf in very short order.

This provides you – the consultant – with one stop shopping in terms of representation throughout the world. This is very helpful in avoiding the appearance of your paper on the same desk from two different sources (not a good outcome for anyone). Further they will make a point of representing you accurately and fairly. This is quite helpful maintaining good relationships with the decision makers on an ongoing basis.

For example, if it will take up to 6 weeks to procure the proper working papers in any country, this is divulged up front. In addition, Trilateral can and do expedite the work paper acquisition process. This is extremely helpful and should not be discounted. In addition, due to their prior experience placing resources globally they can provide you with helpful advice regarding the logistics of relocating. When you are relocating, you will really appreciate this aspect of the Trilateral touch. Lastly they are first rate, top notch guys. You will enjoy working with them.

Mark Dow, Business Analyst

Trilateral has expertise in matching the client with the consultant. Not only do they search a much wider pool of potential consultants, but they apply a great deal of effort in understanding the client’s need and provide candidates who are a good fit along the dimensions of their expertise, knowledge and experience.

As a consultant, Trilateral provides the benefit of their experience in landing consultants into a different international markets than where they had previously provided their services. They understand the cross-border paperwork, allowing the consultant to focus on supplying excellent service to the client.

In understanding the client’s needs, Trilateral is able to assist the candidate consultant to highlight the strengths in which the client is interested. For the client and consultants benefit, this can lead to the client interviewing a smaller number of candidates and each candidate having greater opportunity for a successful outcome.

Eric Speicher, Senior Business Analyst

After being in permanent employment for 25 years, Trilateral were very helpful and supportive when I made the transition to contracting. They were 100% successful in matching my skills to the requirements of the potential client. They also ensured that the appropriate people were available to help me set up residence and work in a foreign country.

It is easy to contact Trilateral, either by phone or email, and they have always responded very quickly. They have made a real effort to address all of my concerns and my overall experience has been positive.

John Machin, Business Analyst

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